Take Leads From Competitors

      Do you have a website that is lacking profit producing leads?  It is imperative that you are aware of the keywords your target audience is searching for. Keyword search optimization is one of the most influential steps in increasing your ranking in search engines. As a Digital marketing agency we specialize in ensuring a highly optimized website will be the end destination for your audience. We are able to do this by conducting a reconnaissance on top competitors, and targeted audience. Having this valuable insight we implement strategic planning creating a flawless traffic funnel. Executing flawless keyword implementation will result in:

  1. Higher Search engine rankings. Ever opportunity to dethrone your competitors on google will increase conversions. Google gets 167 billion searches a month. With ADs taking over the first four listings on google every ranking counts.
  2. Profit producing traffic. Not all traffic is good traffic. Low conversion traffic has been known to negatively effect the ranking on search engines. The goal is to have the correct audience enter the funnel and convert into lead.
  3. The opportunity to understand user traffic on your website. This increases knowledge of the size of your audience and their digital behavior, interests, and etc.
  4. Having insights to a targeted audience. INSIGHTS! Much needed information. With insights you are able to see what interests  your audience and what doesn’t. You now know what pages to delete, what content to put out, how to optimize your website.

How does AMBUSH determine my keywords?

At AMO we use a mixture of industry leading programs to determine keyword popularity. We then sift the vast pile for “popular” and “relevant” keywords. With the in-depth knowledge we have we separate words based on the competitors conversions. We would hate for you to compete with a big company for a single targeted word. So we use alternative ways to rank for the same term instead of word. This is one secret with will share before the consultation, wait to see how many more we have up our sleeve.